How to Submit an Online Requisition

How to Submit an Online Requisition

Step 01:

Click on the Link given below (Internet Explorer and Firefox are best suitable for this module) and use your credentials to login.


* Note: You should save this link to your favorites for future use.


Step 02:

Click ‘Purchase’ and choose “Requisition” from the drop-down menu.2


Step 03:

Click ‘Add New’.



Step 04:

System shows Default Department, Click this icon to change Department.



Step 05:

Click ‘Action’ icon to choose the correct department from the available list. In our example, only 01 option (Business Office) is available.


Step 06:

Click on the Magnifying Lens Icon and select Financial Year as 2016-2017 for next year ISS Orders.




Step 07:

Choose Type of Order- Import Purchase (for ISS) or Local Purchase.


Step 08:

  1. Click on Lens icon to pop-up list of available vendors.
  2. Type V10966 (Vendor code for ISS) in a new opened window and click on SEARCH button.
  3. Click “Action Button” to select Vendor. This will add Vendor Name and Address Details in the PR form.



Step 09:

  1. Click on the Blue Arrow to open list of all available items in system.
  2. Type key words in the item Description box and click Search button.
  3. Choose the closest item from the list and click on Action Button to enter.


Step 10:

Once we click Action Button in Step 6, system automatically fills the Item Description to the PR form. Now type Catalog/ ISBN #, Required Qty and Unit Price of item. The total (amount) will automatically be calculated by the system.



Step 11:

Click on blue arrow icon for listing Expense Accounts and choose an Expense Account from the available list.


With Step #11, one line item is added to the Purchase Requisition. In order to add more line items to this PR, please follow further steps-


Step 12:

Use Remarks column to share additional information about the item. Click ‘Add’ box to add more Items.



Step 13:

In step 07, where we chose the type of purchase- Local or Import, system automatically picked up 30% rate of Shipping & Taxes for Import Purchases (ISS orders) and 0% for Local Purchases.



Step 14:

Click ‘Submit’ and your record/ order is saved in system.


On successful submission of PR, system will auto generate a PR#. Keep this number for future reference.

Step 15:

In the main screen, you can Edit, View (Print) and Clone requisitions.


Step 16:

Click View and Print requisition for Local Orders and attach invoice or bills (if any). For ISS Orders no printout is required. The approvals for all ISS/ Import orders are done online.


— for any clarifications and questions, please contact Kapil Kapoor at or call at Extn: 3540 —

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