Transfer of Files from AES Drive to Personal Drive

Transfer of Files from AES Drive to Personal Drive

This tutorial will explain everything you need to know about how to successfully transfer your Google Docs over to another Gmail account. Google Takeout continues to work but will only transfer files that you have ownership of and has some faults when migrating files back into a new Google Drive account. To grab everything you’ve been collaborating with others on we need a new workflow. Here it is!

Part 1: Organization

  1. Log into your AES Google drive account –
  2. Create a new folder called “_TRANSFER” in Google Drive. The underscore will make it go to the top of your folder list.
  3. Search through your Google Drive account for files and / or folders that you would like to transfer to your personal gmail account.
  4. Once you have located a few docs, it is critical that you hold down the ALT key while clicking and dragging these documents to your “_TRANSFER” folder. Holding down the ALT key will make a reference of the files and not move them away from your friends and colleagues who still need access to them!
    1. You will see a warning about permissions if you are accidently about to MOVE files. Please cancel and be sure you are COPYING files.

Part 2: Sharing to your personal account and syncing

  1. Go into the Sharing settings of your _TRANSFER folder.
  2. Add your personal Gmail account as an editor and click send. You will get a warning that you are sharing outside of the domain. Go ahead.
  3. Next… You’ll need to log into your personal Gmail account in another tab or another browser.
  4. Another control click will provide a menu to “Add to My Drive”.
  5. To sync these files locally on your computer, Download Google Drive.
  6. Once the Google Drive has downloaded, double-click to open the file and drag and drop the Google Drive icon into the Applications folder. Open the Google Drive application and Log In.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10.31.38 AM
  7. VERY IMPORTANT! As you run through the steps explaining Drive, your last step (4 of 4) will include “Sync options” Change your settings in this or everything in your personal Google Drive will sync locally to your computer.
  8. Choose only the _TRANSFER folder and then Start Sync!
  9. Keep in mind that Google Drive will sync all folders you select AND any files at the root of your Google Drive not in a folder. You may wish to move these files into a folder that won’t get synced if you have many or heavy files. Be sure to complete Part 3 below to finalize this process!

Part 3: Verify and Copy of Files

  1. We are almost done! It may require some patience for all your files to sync if you have a lot in there, but when complete, you’ll see a local copy of the _TRANSFER folder with all the shared files within.
  2. Double-check that your Drive is synced to your Personal Gmail account and that all of the files and folders in _TRANSFER show up on your Finder window as shown below:6
  3. The final step is to make a local copy of this folder, control-click and COPY
  4. Google Drive will now immediately sync this new folder to your online Google Drive account. Not only is this a copy of your original folder, but all of the ownership of the documents within now belong to your personal account, completing the full transfer of the documents from AES Google Drive to your own
    1. Note – This change of ownership also strips away any of the previous sharing settings. Anyone shared on this copy of these documents will no longer have access to them. The original file and shared settings will remain.
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