What is Hapara?

What is Hapara?

Hapara/Teacher Dashboard is a program associated with our Google Apps Suite. We enter the courses, the teacher and the students and the program automatically creates:

  • a class calendar that is shared with all students
  • a class group email address
  •  a Google group
  •  a shared folder in each student’s Google Drive that is automatically shared and editable by the student and the teacher.  Any documents placed in that folder can be seen on the teacher’s dashboard.
  • A dashboard for the teacher, that allows the teacher to see the documents in each student’s folder, easy for assessing work, assessing completion and giving online feedback

We are pleased to offer this program at AES. All students and teachers in grades 3-12 are enrolled.  We have had rave reviews of it during this first year and great feedback on efficiency, ease of sharing documents and  giving online feedback.

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