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HS PowerSchool FAQ




Entering Learning Habits

Please follow these instructions on how to enter Learning Habits for S1.
The final posting on all Learning Habits in PS are due by the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 8.

  1. Login to PowerSchool and go to PowerTeacher Pro.
  2. Create a new assignment with the nameLearning Habits S1. This has to be exact. For example, Learning Habits S1 with a space after will not work.  Learning Habit S1 without the ‘s’ will not work.
  3. This is a Summative assessment.
  4. Under Standards, please choose the identifiers with ‘HLH.RPST’ in them. They are the longer of the two choices.

PS Learning Habits Instructions

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Entering Grades and Comments

PS Entering Grades and Comments


Viewing Grades

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Adding Course Descriptions


Changing Font Size


Email Parents and Students


Submit Log Entry


Viewing Standards by Student

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