YouTube Publishing Best Practices

YouTube Publishing Best Practices

AES generates a large amount of video media. From streaming live events, time-lapse of projects, video recordings of art productions and more. How we name, organize and categorize our media is very important so provide an easy path for finding common videos and sorting through our existing archive.

The following conventions should be followed and will assist with this consistency:

  1. Choose a descriptive title for the event including the year it took place. This is followed by a vertical bar | and the exact date and time the event took place.
    Example: Task Party 2015 | Saturday, May 23, 2015 10am – 12pm
  2. Include a description of the event type or the event itself. Feel free to include links to learn more about the video.
  3. Include tags that describe the event. For example, a basketball game should have “basketball” tagged.
  4. Playlists – Include each video in the school year of the event and other associated playlists. This will allow for a video playlist of similar videos to auto-populate.


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